Most Anticipated

Mating Ritual

You may or may not have heard the name of Mating Ritual before. Mating Ritual is a solo project from Ryan Marshall Lawhon, the lead vocal and guitarist of Pacific Air. Actually, Mating Ritual isn’t a new name in the music industry. According to its official site, Lawhon first introduces the existence of Mating Ritual back in September 2014. Ever since then, Mating Ritual already released some singles and an EP.

Though clearly Mating Ritual has start its journey long before, I still choose it as our most anticipated artist this month because 1) I only found out about Mating Ritual couple weeks ago and instantly love the music and 2) next month, Mating Ritual will release its first full LP, called How You Gonna Stop It?. The LP will be release in two volumes, the first one, consist of 7 songs, has been released earlier this year while the last volume will be out this May, 3) the first volume already won my ¾ heart!

From its official Spotify account we can take a glimpse of how’s the LP sounds like. I myself feel it like a collision between an alternative rock and electro. And the impact of that collision is a burst of energies. Take How You Gonna Stop It? as an example, it is indeed a question that pops up in my mind when I hear this upbeat song, “how you gonna stop this urge to dance and sing along the question of growing up?” The same feeling also occurred in American Muscle and Second Chance. In this album, Mating Ritual worked with Lizzy Land in two songs, Cold and Night Lies. It was thanks to Cold that I found Mating Ritual’s music and began digging more of his music.

On his blog, he talked a bit about his nostalgic point of view of an album, where we used to patiently listening to a whole album because of the lack of ability to skip song when you hear it in CD or even a cassette. I couldn’t agree more with him. Those era train us to not only giving an album a full chance to steal our attention but also becoming a soundtrack to our memories. Though nowadays you can easily skip song in album, I believe, it is safe to say that, you won’t want to skip any song in this album. Yes, that is how good the first volume for me and the base reason why I pick Mating Ritual as our Most Anticipated musician this month.

Here’s the first volume of How You Gonna Stop It?, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do 🙂