In Our Humble Opinion

Australia Indie Music Invasion in World Music Industry

As we know, United States and United Kingdom are the most popular and most dominant country in the music industry. Both country has a huge influence in the development of world music. These countries have produced so many great and successful musicians from various genres of music with album sales reached tens even hundreds of millions copies worldwide. US and UK musicians also dominate music charts in other countries around the world. Well, from US, who doesn’t know Michael Jackson? One of legendary musician in the world. From UK, who doesn’t know The Beatles? Totally one of legendary band in music history. Their songs still being cover by so many musicians and being play in so many places until now. Yupp, we can say, US and UK are the main center of world music industry.

Lately, I accidentally found so many good musics in Soundcloud. Well, most of them is indie band or duo. But, what makes me surprise is most of them are from Australia. Band or duo like Tigertown, Charles William, Lovers Electric, The Paper Kites, and Gordi already amazed me with their awesome music. Some of them already released their debut album or EP and some others recently released their debut singles which I think totally great and very pleasant to hear. I definitely sure you know about Vance Joy and Tame Impala, right? Yes, they are one of some well-known Australian musician who already success entered US and UK’s music market. I think we all know it is not an easy thing to do for every musician from outside US or UK.


I tried to browsing about world music industry and based on global music industry market, Australia ranked is 6th. Australia is still behind US, Japan, Germany, UK, and France, though Australia indie music industry is something that we always anticipated. Honestly, in my own country, it is hard to hear about their music although my country borders directly with Australia. Our radio usually play music which already has a high position in world music chart so I have to dig some music websites to discover their awesome music. Maybe I’m not a music producer or musician or expert music analyst or someone important in music industry, but from my humble opinion, Australia indie music have a great potential to be known worldwide. I’m sure there are more indie singer or band who still not being discover, but if we want to discover and dig a little bit, you will find a lot of music treasures in Australian music industry.

So, are you ready for Australia indie music invasion? What’s your favorite Australian musician so far? Tell us by give a comment below. Thank you. 🙂


Album Review

Album Review: Lovers Electric – Strangers

Our first album review is Strangers from Lovers Electric, a husband and wife duo band from Australia. I found them from Soundcloud and I was falling in love with their music when I heard their song called Across The River for the first time. The sound of piano and Eden Boucher’s voice at the first minutes totally stole my ears. Then, I decide to download their last album, Strangers, which actually already released since October 2015.

When the first time I heard this album, the thing that cross in my mind is why I just found them right now. This is definitely a great album. The upbeat opening track, Dangerous Games, become a perfect song to start the journey of this album. Eden Boucher and David Turley’s voice totally perfect each other and the sound of guitar and drum beat in the second track, If Love Is Not the Answer, definitely makes you falling in love with their music deeper and deeper. After two upbeat songs, they tried to slow the music tempo with my favorite song, Across the River and Waiting for Something to Happen. The tempo get a little bit faster again with Storm and followed by Ordinary Day which has a great lyrics. David Turley show his awesome voice with semi acoustic song, Brave Men. The next song called New Day totally makes you want to stomp your feet and clap your hands. All I Need is a little bit darker and different than the others, but the music totally awesome. Once again, Eden’s voice gave me a chills with a song called Broken Glass. The last two song, Ten Minutes and Home are slow beat song, but definitely perfect songs to close the journey of this album.

The conclusion is their album totally awesome. I think I already hear it for two weeks in a row. David and Eden’s voice already stole my ears and the composition of the songs in this album doesn’t make you get bored easily. Their music totally great. Well, if I can give a score, I will give 8 for their album. I think I will try to hear another album from them.

cover 2


  1. Dangerous Games (4:20)
  2. If Love Is Not The Answer (3:34)
  3. Across The River (3:52)
  4. Waiting For Something To Happen (3:33)
  5. Storm (4:05)
  6. Ordinary Day (3:22)
  7. Brave Men (5:21)
  8. New Day (3:23)
  9. All I Need (3:31)
  10. Broken Glass (3:39)
  11. Ten Minutes (3:25)
  12. Home (3:16)