Throw Back Thursday

Imitation of Life by R.E.M

Raise your hand if you immediately sing,

That’s sugarcane that tasted good
That’s cinnamon, that’s Hollywood
C’mon, c’mon no one can see you try

If you did, high five with me 🙂 Though Imitation of Life came from the 12th album of R.E.M, Reveal, this one was the first single I knew from them. The song itself released in 2001. And rightly after that, I dig any other R.E.M songs. I still remember the music video for Imitation of Life, there’s a pool party where people action move backward and forward over and over again.

Whenever I listen to this song, there’s an ache in my heart, a pang of sadness, all mix with the yearning feeling of my memory in early 2000’s. Maybe because since the first intro, when the cello follow the guitar, then Stipe’s sings the lyrics, all I feel is a lonely feeling. Even the tambourine beats sounds lonely. Not to mention the whole lyrics. Well, growing up seemed so scary since then, that’s probably why the sad nostalgic feeling come whenever I heard this song. Still, Imitation of Life is one of my favorite 2000’s songs and I want you to listen to it too. So, press the play button and let’s get nostalgic together 🙂