Gigs and Festivals Alert

Gigs And Festivals Alert in August 2017

Hello again folks! Can’t believe we’re already at the end of Summer. Last month, there were a lot of interesting gigs in Asia and Australia region like Haim and Maggie Roggers. This August also has many interesting gigs and festivals. Have you secure your tickets folks? If you live around Asia and Australia and still looking for any gigs or festivals to attend, here’s the list for gigs and festivals this August:

1st August 2017

Oh Wonder – DND Club, Bangkok, Thailand

Train – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

2nd August 2017

LANY – Moonstar Studio, Bangkok, Thailand

4th August 2017

Train – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Vera Blue – The Gov, Hindmarsh, SA, Australia

LANY – Glorietta Mall, Makati City, Phillipines

5th August 2017

LANY – Alabang Town Center, Makati City, Phillipines

LANY – Ayala Mall Greenbelt, Manila, Phillipines

Vera Blue – Metropolis – Fremantle, Fremantle, WA, Australia

6th August 2017

LANY – Market! Market!, Taguig, Phillipines

LANY – TriNoma Mall, Quezon City, Phillipines

9th August 2017

Vera Blue – Grand Hotel, Mornington, VIC, Australia

10th August 2017

LANY – SCAPE The Ground Theatre, Singapore, Singapore

11th August 2017 – 13th August 2017

WE THE FEST 2017 (Kodaline, Shura, LANY, Daya, Phoenix, Charlie XCX, etc) – JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta Indonesia

11th August 2017

Vera Blue – 170 Russell, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

12th August 2017 – 13th August 2017

Good Vibes Festivals 2017 (Kodaline, Phoenix, Dua Lipa, etc) – The Ranch, Genting Highlands. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

14th August 2017

Bastille – The Star Theatre, Singapore

17th August 2017

Amy Shark – Cornel Hotel, Richmond, VIC, Australia

18th August 2017

The Jungle Giants – The Triffid, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

Amy Shark – Cornel Hotel, Richmond, VIC, Australia

20th August 2017

The Jungle Giants – The Triffid, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

24th August 2017

The Jungle Giants – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

25th August 2017

Amy Shark – Woolly Mammoth, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

Vera Blue – The Triffid, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

26th August 2017

Amy Shark – Woolly Mammoth, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

The Jungle Giants – The Croxton Bedroom, Thornbury, VIC, Australia

27th August 2017

The Jungle Giants – The Croxton Bedroom, Thornbury, VIC, Australia

Vera Blue – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

31th August 2017

Amy Shark – Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia

So, that’s it. If you haven’t got the tickets yet, go get the tickets before it sold out. If you already have it, I wish you have a great time in there folks.



News From Shura, WILD, and The Naked and Famous

A lot of things happened in the beginning of July. Right! So many musicians just released their brand news album, EP, and single. We’re getting excited here because there’s a lot of great music to be heard. So, can you guess which musician who already released their new music? Okay, here we go!


Our first news come from English singer, songwriter, and producer, Shura. Yes! After we waited for quite long and after so many awesome single like Touch and What’s It Gonna Be, Shura finally released her debut album called Nothing’s Real. This album already released since 8th July 2016 and include 13 awesome tracks. Shura definitely did it! In this album, you can hear the sounds of 90’s R&B melodies in every tracks. It makes every track has a very catchy tunes and really worth to be heard. And Shura’s voice is really smooth, nice, and totally fit and get along with the tunes. Definitely love her voice. So far, my favorite tracks is still What’s It Gonna Be. Have you listen Shura’s new album folks? Come on, try to listen her album and tell us what’s your favorite tracks.


Another news come from indie pop-folk trio from Los Angeles, WILD. Finally! After they already amazed us with their single Back To You and Vagabond, WILD finally back with their new EP called All We’ll Ever Have. This EP is include four songs with the lead single Silver and Gold. They keep folk elements in their music with great melodies from guitar that you can hear in every tracks in this album. So good, so calm, and I think it’s a really great tracks to hear in road trip. Okay, if you haven’t listen their new EP, you can hear their EP in Spotify below and tell us what do you think. Enjoy!

The Naked and Famous

Last but not least, our next news come from New Zealand’s indie electro band, The Naked and Famous. For all of you who already become fans of Grey’s Anatomy series, I’m sure you already know about them right? Yupp, two years after their last album In Rolling Waves (2014), they finally back with their new single called Higher. Higher is a really nice upbeat song with a rich tunes and great melodies from electro instruments. Definitely so good. So far, this song already got my eartention. So, what are you waiting for, try to listen their new single and I’m sure you’re gonna like it. Enjoy the music folks!



New EP From Zealyn, New Album From Broods, and New Song From Shura

A lot of things happens on June 24th 2016. So many great musicians just released their brand new song, EP, and album on this day. Do you want to know who they are? Okay, let’s find out.


Finally! For all of you who can’t wait to hear new music from Zealyn, you know what? What are we already wait for quite long is finally come and it’s definitely really worth to be wait. Yes! Zealyn finally released her debut EP called Limbic System. Three words for this EP: Refreshing, Addicting, Amazing! Somehow, I feel so overwhelmed when I hear whole songs in this EP. I really enjoy the music from the first track until the last track. This EP has a different genre from Angie Miller’s pop-rock elements in her music before. Zealyn brings new elements in her new music and it is so refreshing. The sound of electronic instruments is quite strong in almost all songs in this EP. Even, you can hear the sound of violin and strings in one of her song called Summer Day. So good, so calm, so catchy, and so refreshing. Also, Zealyn’s voice is so great, so smooth, and definitely got my eartention. Okay, I think I can’t stop talking about how awesome her debut EP. So, now, why don’t you try to hear Zealyn’s debut EP called Limbic System below. I think you’re gonna love it. Just prepare to click replay button over and over again 🙂


Another news come from electro-pop duo from Auckland, New Zealand, Broods. After Georgia Nott and Caleb Nott teased us with their two great singles, Free and Heartlines, Broods finally released their new album called Conscious. Yes! The wait is finally over folks. Our curiosity is answered by thirteen great tracks in their brand new album. In this album, you can hear so many great and catchy upbeat songs with the awesome voice from Georgia Nott. One of the greatest voice I’ve ever heard. So far, one of my favorite tracks from this album is Full Blown Love. So, come on folks, try to hear Broods’s new album and let us know what’s your favorite song. Thank you and enjoy the music. 🙂


Last but not least, our next news come from UK electro-pop singer, Shura. After she amazed us with her awesome, catchy, addicting, and danceable single, What’s It Gonna Be, Shura are back with her latest single called Make It Up. Make It Up is a nice upbeat song with the sound of 80’s disco melodies. If you haven’t heard this song yet, you can listen it below. And don’t forget, Shura’s debut album called Nothing’s Real will be released on July 8th 2016. We almost there! For now, enjoy the music folks!





New Music From Shura and Zealyn

May is definitely a wonderful month for music industry. There are so many good musician who already released their new single or album in this month. Well, I think this month will be closed by two amazing brand new songs from two great musician. Can you guess who are they? Okay, let’s see who they are!


First news came from UK electro-pop singer, Alexandra Lilah Denton or known worldwide as Shura. Yes! About three days ago, Shura just released her brand new single called What’s It Gonna Be in BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World. I’m gonna tell you, this song is totally hot and awesome! What’s It Gonna Be has a very catchy and delicious tunes. I swear once you hear this song, you will play it over and over again. I’m also sure it is hard for you to not dance or at least shaking your body a little bit when you hear this song. After her songs called Just Once and Touch, somehow Shura always keep impressing us with the 90’s R&B melodies in her songs. What’s It Gonna Be wrote by Shura herself and collaborate with awesome songwriter Mozella and Greg Kurstin. Shura explained about the record is about fancying someone who maybe have a connection with, but then realizing it is actually not going to happen.

Shura’s debut album, Nothing’s Real will release in July 8th 2016. I think it is going to be a brilliant album. For now, why don’t you try to hear her brand new awesome single What’s It Gonna Be. I warn you, this song is so addicting. Thank you and enjoy the music!


Once again, Zealyn teased us with her latest single Overwhelmed for her upcoming debut album Limbic System. This song was already released today and available to stream and purchase at iTunes, Spotify, and all digital stores. This time, Zealyn worked together with her producer, Aaron Marsh. Like the title of the song, somehow this song makes me overwhelmed when I hear it. Both voices looks so perfect each other and the melodies is so wonderful. Zealyn debut album, Limbic System, will be release in June 24th 2016. While we wait for her debut album, why don’t you try to listen her brand new single called Overwhelmed below. Enjoy the music!

So, what’s your favorite song so far? Let’s share your thoughts and opinion by give the comment below. Thank you.