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Sidecar From Robyn Dell’Unto

I think I falling in love with Robyn Dell’unto’s music. After she impressed me with Common, I’m so curious to find more music from her. Then, I found this irresistible song from her album called Little Lines which actually already released since 2014. It is called Sidecar. I think all of you already hear and know about how good this song. But, if you haven’t heard this song yet, well I bet you’ll also falling in love with this song right away.

Honestly, its been months I think and I still can’t stop listening to this song. Sidecar is an upbeat song with absolutely addicting melodies. The drum beat, the guitar, and the sounds of clapping hands makes everything so perfect to hear. Plus, Robyn Dell’unto’s voice so wow and really fit with the melodies. This song already become my morning jam and mood booster. I always imagine to sing this song with my best friend while we have a road trip.

Go press the play button below and I’m sure you’re gonna love this song at the first hear. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this article.