Ella Vos Just Released Another Beautiful New Single, In Your Corner

Ella Vos is back! After she amazed me, and maybe all of us, with her latest single You Don’t Know Me, Ella Vos has returns with her brand new single In Your Corner. This single has been released last Friday and got so many positive responses and great reviews from various sources.

A little bit different with her single before, In Your Corner is an electronic ballad song which has slower tempo, but still hypnotizing us with its melodies and the combination between piano tunes, electronic instruments, and the sounds of snapping finger. Plus, Ella Vos’ voice still mesmerized us as always. Definitely, a great pleasure for our ears.

So, if you haven’t heard Ella’s latest single, I think you have to listen it folks. Go press the play button below and don’t forget to share your opinion about this song by give a comment in our blog. We will be so happy to response every comment from you folks. Enjoy the music and thank you for visiting Kustosica.



Kari Kimmel Is Back With Her New Project EP, Covers Vol.1

Well, I think I’m a little bit late to hear this news. But, just in case you didn’t hear yet about the news, you know what? One of my favorite singer/songwriter and also the queen of TV series and movies soundtrack, Kari Kimmel, is finally back! Since her last studio album Black which was released on 2015, Kari Kimmel is back with her new cover song project EP called Covers, Vol.1. This EP actually already released since December 12th 2016.

Covers, Vol. 1 include four classic cover song: Rocket Man (Sir Elton John), Against All Odds (Phil Collins), Eternal Flames (The Bangles) and Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash). Kari Kimmel re-make this song with new music arrangement and put the element of her music and vocal character in every songs and makes all songs more refreshing to hear. So, if you haven’t heard this EP yet, I think you have to press the play button below and let me know your thoughts about this EP. Thank you and enjoy the music. 🙂


In Our Humble Opinion

Hotel Café: Home For Singer-Songwriters

Have you ever heard about Hotel Café before folks? If you haven’t heard about this place, can you guess what kind of place is it? If you think it’s a hotel then you’re wrong. Or if you think it’s a cafe, well you’re wrong again. Give up? Okay, Hotel Café is a live music venue which located on Cahuenga Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. This awesome place already well-known as a home for singer-songwriter and a place where singer-songwriter perform their material in front of small audiences and help them established their music career. And yes, so many awesome singer-songwriter who become Grammy winners or Grammy nominees start their career at the Hotel Café.


If you haven’t heard about this place, let’s start from the history of this place. In 2000, Max Mamikunian and Marko Shelter decide to bought an abandoned place at Cahuenga Boulevard to make a coffee shop. Right! This place began as a coffee shop which provide a lot of coffee and live music performance. Everything’s began when a singer-songwriter, Gary Jules, saw the piano through Hotel Café’s windows and convinced Mike Shafer to give him a chance to performed in this place. Many people watched that performance including The Cary Brothers.

Since then, Hotel Café provides music live performance every nights in a week, from new local singer-songwriter until national touring act from famous musicians. Some of the past notable performances in Hotel Café include Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Meiko, Rachel Yamagata, Laura Jansen, Imogen Heap, Laura Marling, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, Greg Laswell, and Damien Rice.

www-discoverhollywood-com (

As the time goes by, the words spread and people more curious about the place and the live music performance that will held in this place. Then, they found so many hidden talents so people start to take notice. Music industry start to take notice. This place also really well-known as the place where movie or TV music supervisor gathered and try to discover up-and-coming music talent for the projects they’re working on. For many singer-songwriters, being perform in front of music supervisor in low-pressure atmosphere definitely become a great chance and bring a huge benefit for any singer-songwriter’s career.

One of the famous music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas, or we also known as Shonda Rhime’s favorite music supervisor and I think my favorite too used Hotel Café’s website and venue to discover song and musician that she wants to use for the TV series and movie. Honestly, I’m kind of inspired with the music that she choose for the series, like Grey’s Anatomy and The O.C. From this series, she introduced me to new musician that I never heard before and music that actually really worth to hear.

So, in my humble opinion, Hotel Café definitely has a very important roles for every singer-songwriter who just started their music career, for every music supervisor who wants to discover new talents, and for all music lover who loved to discover new music. I wish there are a lot of place like Hotel Café in every country around the world. Honestly, there’s no place like Hotel Café in my country. So, I wish I can build one like that. Aamiin.

Okay, if you know a place like Hotel Café in your country or any kind of place like Hotel Café, you can shared with us by give your comment in this article. Thank you for giving your time to read this article and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you. 🙂



New Music From Maggie Rogers and Pi Ja Ma

Exciting news come in the middle of June. Yes! There are two musicians who already get my ‘ear-tention‘. Both of them just released their new music with the real potential to be huge sooner. Do you want to know who they are? Okay, let’s check the news below.

Maggie Rogers

First news come from New York singer-songwriter, Maggie Rogers. Maybe some of you already heard about her before. Right! So many people said that she is the most promising singer in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised about that because her new single called Alaska is totally beautiful and completely get my ears. Alaska is an easy listening song with a wonderful and rich tunes that makes you want to do a slow dance. And her voice is so smooth and always gave me chills every time I heard it. Rogers wrote, sang, and co-produced this song by herself. The result is a totally awesome song and somehow already made Pharrel Williams brought into tears. Definitely can’t wait to hear her whole new album. Alaska already released since 17th June 2016. Now, why don’t you try to listen her new single Alaska below and I think you have to get ready to press the repeat button again and again. Enjoy the music!

Pi Ja Ma

Another news come from Pi Ja Ma, a singer-songwriter and also an artist from French. Yup! Pi Ja Ma just released her debut single Radio Girl for her new debut EP called Radio Girl EP which already released worldwide in 15th June 2016. Radio Girl is an upbeat pop song with the taste and a little bit element from 60’s music. You can feel it from the beat of drum and the tunes of the keyboard. And also the Pi Ja Ma’s voice already made the songs completely beautiful. Overall, Radio Girl is so refreshing, easy listening, and allow me to slow dancing. I think you have to hear this song by yourself, so click the play button below and enjoy the music!

So, what’s your favorite new music so far? Let’s share your favorite new music with us. Thank you!


Most Anticipated

The Most Anticipated Singer: Gordi

There’s no doubt for me at all to choose Gordi as the most anticipated singer of this month. Yes! When I know that I got my turn to write an article about the most anticipated singer for this month, somehow her name just suddenly pop-up in my head. I think I already told you about how awesome she is before, right?

Okay! Gordi a.k.a. Sophie Payten is 22-year-old folktronica singer-songwriter from Canowindra, Sydney, Australia. About a month ago, I accidentally found and heard her single called Can We Work It Out in Soundcloud. Since then, I falling in love with her music and her unique voice.Not long after, I heard Gordi’s song called Wanting and this song just make me falling in love with her music deeper and deeper.


Gordi just released her debut EP called Clever Disguise in May 13th 2016. Have you listen to her EP? I warn you, this EP is one of the best thing I’ve ever heard. Ever. There’s something different and unique about her music and it is so addicting. The combination between acoustic and electronic instruments makes the rhythm and the melodies so rich and so catchy. Plus, Gordi’s voice is one of the most wonderful and gorgeous voice ever. Her songs also has a wonderful lyrics. So, all I can say is her music is a perfect mixture of every awesome music elements. I think five songs in her EP never enough for me. Definitely can’t wait to hear her full album and I’m sure she will be a huge singer really soon. So, yes! Gordi really deserve as the most anticipated singer of this month.

“And everything you’ve ever lost. Must have a reason it is never found. Convince yourself you’re better off. And you’ll be fine.” -Nothing’s As It Seems-

I think you need to hear how awesome she is by yourself. Try to stream and listen her new EP via Stereogum website ( ) and share your thoughts by give the comment below. Or, you can check her video when she sings Can We Work It Out in piano version. God! This is too awesome and I think you will agree with me. Thank you and enjoy Gordi’s music!



Playlist: Favorite Duo Bands

What cross in your mind when you hear The White Stripes, Hall & Oates, or Erasure? Right, they are one of so many well-known duo bands in music industry. Sometimes, can you imagine a band with only two members can create such a great music? Yes, I’m still amazed when I saw their performance. Well, sometime they might need some additional players or helped by computer sound, but still.. they have an ability to make an awesome music.

So, this is my playlist which consist my favorite songs from my favorite duo band. Enjoy the music..!!

Actually, there are so many duo bands that I really love, like Ms Mr, The Ting Tings, Lovers Electric, and Us The Duo. But so far, those are my top 7. If you have your own favorite duo band, you can tell us by give the comment below. Yes, let us know what your favorite one. Thank You.. 🙂