Playlist: Dance Dance Dance

Some people feel the urge to dance when they hear dubstep musics.¬†Some when they hear jazz musics, and there are some who simply will dance when they hear a building tempo song. I, my self, find that I’m in the last group. It is exciting to move from swinging mode into dance in trance. So, here, I picked some songs that makes me dance gracefully. Hope these songs has the same effect to you too ūüôā


Gigs and Festivals Alert

Gigs and Festivals in April 2016

Hello folks.

April is already coming. For all of you who lived around Asia and Australia or already have a plan to take a trip to Asia or Australia, why don’t you try to attend some awesome gigs¬† that will be held this April. Yes, there are so many exciting names in this list and here are the schedule for some gigs this April.

1st April 2016  

Tigertown¬† –¬† Newtown, New South Wales, Australia

2nd April 2016   

Tigertown¬† –¬† Northcote, Victoria, Australia

3rd April 2016    

Tigertown¬† –¬† Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia

8th April 2016    

Tigertown¬† –¬† Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

9th April 2016   

Tigertown¬† –¬† Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia

10th April 2016

Daughters¬† –¬† Enmore Theater, Newtown, NSW, Australia

Lapsley (with Travis)¬† –¬† Tokyo Dome City Hall, Japan

11th April 2016    

Daughters¬† –¬† 170 Russell, Melbourne, Australia

14th April 2016    

Daughters¬† –¬† Ebisu Liquid Room, Tokyo, Japan

15th April 2016  

Tigertown¬† –¬† Adelaide, South Australia

Bennet¬† –¬† The Royal Hotel, Gympie, Queensland, Australia

21st April 2016      

Tame Impala¬† –¬† The Star Theater, Singapore

23rd April 2016 

Tame Impala¬† –¬† Urbanscapes, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Vance Joy¬† –¬† Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, Australia

MS MR¬† –¬† South Maitland, NSW, Australia

24th April 2016   

Vance Joy¬† –¬† Sydney Opera House, Australia

MS MR¬† –¬† University of Canberra, Australia

25th April 2016  

Vance Joy¬† –¬† Sydney Opera House, Australia

MS MR¬† –¬† Oakbank, South Australia

Tame Impala¬† –¬† Zepp, Tokyo, Japan

28th April 2016 

MS MR¬† –¬† Metro Theater, Sydney, Australia

Of Monster and Men¬† –¬† The Tivoli, Fortitude Valley, Australia

29th April 2016

MS MR¬† –¬† The Prince Bandroom, Melbourne, Australia

Of Monster and Men¬† –¬† The Tivoli, Fortitude Valley, Australia

Tame Impala¬† –¬† Parkir Timur Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

30th April 2016  

Vance Joy¬† –¬† Riverstage, Brisbane, Australia

Of Monster and Men¬† –¬† Prince of Wales Showgrounds, VIC, Australia


For Japan, Malaysia, and Australia’s gigs, you can buy the ticket from

For Singapore’s gigs, you can buy the ticket from

For Indonesia’s gigs, you can buy the ticket from

Enjoy the music…!!!



Playlist: Driving Mood

A couple of weeks ago, I learned for the first time how to drive a car. The first experience driving a car is scary yet exciting. I won’t lie that sometime I doubt myself that I will be able driving a car. Hence, this playlist contains either slow music or totally¬†cheering up melody to uplifting my spirit :)) ¬†Hope this playlist will soothe your worry when you are worry and cheering you up if you feel a bit down. Enjoy!


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