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Common From Robyn Dell’Unto

For all of you who watch Wynonna Earp series, I guarantee you already knew and maybe falling in love with this song too. Yes! Yes! I’m talking about Common by Robyn Dell’Unto. I think you also agree that this song is so freakin’ good. Somehow, Nicole’s ‘hearteyes’ scene definitely fit with the song. All hail Andrea Higgins as music supervisor for this series who already introduced us to this wonderful music from Robyn Dell’Unto.

Common is an electro-pop song with one of the greatest, very interesting, and very catchy melodies that I’ve ever heard. I bet you will falling in love with this song since you hear the intro for the first time. The sound of percussion definitely the main factor from this song. Plus, Robyn Dell’Unto’s voice is so smooth, beautiful, and fit with the melodies. Definitely a great pleasure for your ears. It’s been weeks and I can’t stop listening this song until now.

A little bit info about Robyn Dell’Unto, she is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Ontario, Canada. God, I don’t know why I just found her music lately. Her music is so good. But, once again, thank you to Wynonna Earp so I can found her.

Okay, for you who haven’t heard about this song. Go listen Common in her Spotify below and trust me, you will love this song too. Thank you for visiting Kustosica and enjoy the music.